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    Go Green Energy works with nature to save you money. We use many different products to improve teh energy efficiency of a building and reduce energy consumption. Minimizing energy losses using one of these tools prepares the site for smaller combinations of solar and wind technologies to meet your electric needs. Proudly serving North America.

    Products: We offer micro wind power installations, photo voltaic (solar) power and solar hot water systems. We also offer various green goods that can help you save money and the environment.


    Vertical Axis Wind Generators (VAWT's)
    Main rotor shaft in vertical direction
    Operates with wind from any direction
    Designed for low wind speed
    Operates at a low RPM
    Lower Vibration levels
    Small noise levels

    Horizontal Axis Wind Generators (HAWT's)
    Main rotor shaft in the horizontal direction
    Small generators are pointed into the wind by a simple wind vane
    Requires a relatively high wind speed
    Operates at a high RPM
    Higher vibration levels
    Can be noisy

    Photovaltaic Power:
    Photovoltaic power is one of our strongest tools in fighting the rising cost of electricity. The reliability and longevity of the newer systems provide a tremendous hedge against inflation. If you want to go off the grid or take a bite out of your electric bill, photovoltaic is a long term solution to your needs.